About AABM Constructions

AABM Constructions was founded in 2006 by the current director Blaz Mrden whom has a background in Electrical services.

We are family run and owned, prioritising the quality and value of the project over the volume of projects we complete, meaning even the smallest of renovations or large development ensures us to putting our passion and commitment into each project.

Our goal is to suit the budget and needs of each individual client, which is primarily how we like to look at things, ensuring that the client is most pleased with the outcome and most importantly their experience with AABM Constructions.

Our Process


Planning ahead and organising the project before start date.


Managing the project from start to finish to keep an efficient work flow.

On-Site Consultations

Keeping our clients up to date with the projects.

The Finishing


Providing high quality finishes.

Our Quality Guarantee

Create your dream home.
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